Laurie Anderson, ENP, Runs for National NENA 2nd VP

Jan. 1, 2020

The Florida Chapter of NENA has endorsed Laurie Anderson for NENA's Board of Directors 2nd VP. Laurie is currently Florida NENA's Immediate Past President. During her term as President, Laurie accomplished the goals that she set before the board at the beginning of her term. She had set out to create an organization that was organized and professional. Under Laurie's leadership, Florida NENA acheived their 501c(3) Charitible Organization Status, obtained insurance for the members of the Executive Board, set up a system for internal financial audits, implemented standard operating procedures, developed the Pat Welte ENP Scholarship, established the Excellence in Leadership Award and organized GIS Training state wide.  Laurie's passion is in all things 9-1-1. She has dedicated the past 28 years to 9-1-1 and continues strong in all she does for the 9-1-1 Community. Most recently she has been advancing the goals of the NENA Organization through her contributions as NENA's Wellness Committee Co Chair.    

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While we believe Laurie to be the most qualified candidate to hold the office of 2nd VP, Laurie has asked that you review information about both candidates so that you can make an educated decision that's best for you.