Time: 0930

Attendees: Keith Godwin, Laurie Anderson, Greg Holcomb, Sandy Chernoff, Jeff Ballard, Lesil Taylor, Mark Whitby, Sue Pettingill, Ira Pyles


1.       No formal agenda

2.       Sandi (treasurer) completed a spreadsheet of revenues and expenditures for 2014-2017 for tax exempt status application.

3.       Changes to bylaws were made and sent to National NENA, National NENA commented with suggestions, FL NENA accepted changes and it has been posted to the FL NENA website for the membership. Dina had been requested to send the most recent with the accepted changes to National. Unsure if this was done. Keith to follow up with Dina.

4.       APCO/NENA Conference (Spring 2018)

a.       Positions/Responsibilities

                                       i.            Chairs:  APCO: Heather  NENA: Sue

                                     ii.            Badges: NENA: Dina

                                   iii.            Food & Beverage: NENA: Lesil Taylor

                                   iv.            Social Media: APCO: Laurie Preuss NENA: Dan Koenig

1.       Dan is dong the scavenger hunt.

                                     v.            T-Shirts: APCO: Ricky Rowell

                                   vi.            Awards: Usually APCO: Nancy Dzoba NENA: Ben and Carolyn

                                  vii.            Education: APCO: Brandie Ball  NENA: Mark Whitby

                                viii.            Vendor Liaison: APCO: Eddie Williams  NENA: Prescilla Hinkle

                                   ix.            Volunteers: Keith has someone that wanst to assist

b.      Registration fee: $200.00    Cost of food per person $300.00

c.       Call for papers on the website

d.      12 submissions to call for papers

e.       Brandie checking to see how many classrooms are needed for NENA

                                       i.            Coordinators meeting (need to determine time)

                                     ii.            Database

                                   iii.            Chapter meeting

f.        Discussion regarding users group meeting times.

5.       Keith (President) Signed the contract for the NENA Fall Conference 2018 in San Destin.

6.       2019 APCO/NENA conference discussion.  Are we having one. Laurie to speak with APCO. Need to learn some facts.  Where to have the conference and time.

a.       Possible locations: St. Augustine, Gainesville, San Destin, Howie and the Hills   

                                       i.            North, South, East, West, Central

7.       Discussed form- Florida Chapter NENA Financial Assistances. 

8.       Jan 9, 2018 begins the ENP Study Group.