·       Roll call - Keith x Laurie x Greg ¨ Dina x Sandi ¨ Dan x Lesil x Mark x Michelle ¨ Ira x Jeff ¨ Sue ¨ Linda x Rolf ¨ Amber ¨ Victoria ¨

·       Secretary Report - No adds, deletes or changes. Motion to approve by Lesil, seconded by Mark, No opposed, all approved

·       Treasurer report – No report as Sandi is home sick

·       Area VP reports

o   Lesil – Advised Christine Cooper will be taking over as WEFA VP in March.

o   Dan – Nothing to report

o   Mark – Nothing to report

o   Michelle – Absent but per Keith she coordinated with Scott from Columbia County to stand in as NOFA VP while she is out on leave.

·       Committee Reports:

o   Newsletter – Victoria absent

o   Education – Mark advised they held their 1st ENP session on Tuesday. There are 35 people registered for the group and 23/24 of them were on the call.

o   Public Education – Amber absent but sent email advising she had nothing new to report

o   Social Media – Dan advised he is working with National NENA on advertising on our social media sites for training opportunities.

o   Bylaws – Jeff absent but Keith reported that the Bylaw changes were submitted to National for review and they advised that since the changes they previously recommended were included that we just needed to finalize our documents and send them a final version.

o   GIS/Database – Ira confirmed with Mark that there will be time allotted for the database meeting during the next conference. Mark advised yes and they are still getting classes organized. They agreed to put the meeting in the technical section of the schedule.

o   Conference – Sue absent but Mark advised they received 21 class submissions. He also advised the Navigator Conference is being held at the same time so attendance could be affected. Laurie advised there will be a meeting held to discuss the roles and responsibilities of conference committee members especially the Conference Chairs. Everyone agrees it is important for the Committee Chair to be involved in the financial aspect of the conference.


·       Old Business:

o   Tax exempt status – Keith advised Sandi provided 3 years of financial data to the attorney and they are now just waiting for the attorney to get back to them.

o   Board Insurance – Greg absent

o   TGRA services – Three months of reports were received from TGRA and Keith asked the group whether they found value in them. All replied yes however Ira suggested a formatting change in future reports to make them easier to read. Keith and Dan agreed with this suggestion. Dan motioned to continue the service for another three (3) months at $200 each. Motion was seconded by Lesil and all approved, none opposed. Motion passed.

o   Commercial Advisor Position – Keith confirmed with Linda that the person in this position did not need to currently be employed in the Public Safety field. There is concern that if the person is not in the field then how committed will they be to the position. Laurie thinks there should be expectations and standard set for that position. Keith will get with Rolf to confirm his commitment and set expectations.


·       New Business:

o   2019 & 2020 Conference schedule – Laurie advised that Florida APCO plans to still hold a state conference in spring 2019 even though Florida NENA will be in Orlando the same year. They want to hold it in the Tampa area. There is concern by all about the location choice and whether Florida NENA should choose to join them because the national convention being held during the same year in our state. Laurie will be meeting with APCO future President to discuss further.


Meeting closed at 10:14


Next meeting is February 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am