President’s Report – Greetings were made by Keith and introduction of the current Florida NENA Executive Board.  Keith advised the members of the by-laws changes recommended by National NENA and that we will vote on them again during the next business meeting.


Keith provided updates and information on the following:

·       Bootcamp review – 29 attendees and 21 counties represented.

·       Jim Martin award – an application and posted to the website for future nominations.

·       Conference locations – these will be planned in advanced in the future. The next fall location will be San Destin in October of 2018 and will potential be joined with the Florida 911 Board meeting.

·       Purchasing of equipment – Florida NENA recently purchased some AV equipment to use during the conferences/classes.

·       Bank account – an additional Board member was added to the bank account for greater accountability.

·       Legislative report – introduced a monthly legislative report to be distributed to the Florida NENA members. This report is created by TGRA specify for Florida NENA. Keith thanked Tim for his hard work.

·       Charitable giving –introduced the new fund for Florida 911 personnel during Hurricane Irma and will continue to raise funds for this account. During the hurricanes Florida NENA was able to provide monetary assistance to two members.

·       Tax exempt – Keith is working with an attorney to get the paperwork complete.

·       Joint Conference will continue to be held with Florida APCO: Future locations are 2021 – Jacksonville, 2022 – Daytona, 2023-Tampa and 2024 is a wild card location. There is no joint conference in 2020 as National APCO will be held in Orlando.


Legislative issues: Provided by Tim Gundlach

·        “Kari’s Law” passed which provides that you don’t have to dial a 9 before dialing 911 from pbx systems. This is waiting for the President’s signature.

·       Draft Bill by Senator Nelson – critical needs to transition to NG911 introduced at Federal level.

·       FL Bill 19- - Introduced to help with the ability to transfer from lec to lec.

·       US DOT – rule making process for grants to help Florida Public Safety/911.

Greg Holcomb reminded everyone that if they want to receive the monthly legislative report they need register to be members of NENA.


National NENA update – Linda Draughn-Woloski

National NENA Conference 2018 will be back in Nashville. New NENA benefits available, check website. Florida NENA has the 4th largest membership. NENA started the TC Caucus to try to increase membership from Telecommunicators. Senator Nelson introduced draft legislation for Next Gen 911 initiative so be watching that. She advised there is a 2018 membership challenge from National NENA and encourages everyone to recruit new members. There are two(2) scholarship opportunities. The first is the William McMurray scholarship for 1st time attendees to the national conference. The second is the Friends of 911 scholarship which will offer 50 opportunities to telecommunicators to attend a national conference.


Upcoming Events:

NG Standards & Best Practices – January 15-18, 2018 Orlando, FL

911 Goes to Washington – February 14-17, 2018

Florida NENA/APCO conference – April 23-27, 2018 – Orlando, FL

National NENA – June 15-21, 2018 Nashville, TN

FL NENA Fall Conference – October 2018 San Destin, FL


Continued Presidents report: Keith recognized the ENP’s in the room and encouraged everyone to get their ENP certifications. He reminded everyone of vendor setup and the vendor reception being held that night.


Other Business: Tim Gundlach spoke about the stakeholder awareness initiative and recognized Laurie Anderson’s efforts in creating the presentation.


Bike drawing (donated by TGRA) was held and winners were Jody Kenyon and Nancy Pollack.


Meeting adjourned @10:17 am