CALL TO ORDER @ 9:31 am


·       Roll call – All members in attendance except Rolf, Mark and Amber.


·       Secretary Report – June meeting minutes approved. Motioned by Dan and seconded by Lesil.


·       President report – Keith and other Southeastern Chapter Presidents met via conference call to discuss issues.  Keith gave his opinion during the call that the mission statement needs to be followed better.


·       Treasurer report – No report


·       Committee Reports: No report


·       Old Business:

§  Tax exempt status - Keith still working on this with Linda. He believes we may need assistance with filling out the form. Will continue to discuss during meetings until more information is gathered.

§  2017 Fall conference planning – Sue joined the meeting and advised she will start scheduling regular conference committee meetings. She will start to develop a budget for the conference and work other issues. Keith advised the contract still needs to be signed once we determine our financial status.

§  New attendee luncheon – Michelle and Lesil previously talked and developed a menu option of a boxed lunch for approximately 10 new attendees and all Board members at a cost of $24 each person. Everyone liked this idea but Dina advised she was hesitant only because the financial information still needs to be determined. This item will stay on the agenda to discuss again next month once a budget has been determine and financial report received.

§  Registration amount – A lot of discussion about the registration fee. Keith proposed the amount of $100 however Dan, Lesil and Ira we concerned about this being a financial burden since the reimbursement amount from the 911 Board is lower for the Fall conference. More discussion will be needed once budget is determined.

§  TGRA services – Tim agreed to lower the amount to $4,250. He will also monitor and report on Florida legislative matters.

§  Speaker System (1), projectors (2), screens (2) – Mark sent the proposed equipment list and cost to Keith and Laurie for review. More will be discussed in the next meeting.

§  Jim Martin award nomination form – Everyone liked the form and agreed on its use. Jeff will be posting it to the Florida NENA website.


·       New Business:

o   Fall 2018 Conference location – Keith proposed Sandestin as the location and Lesil was able to get with the hotel and they sent a contract for review.  The current dates would be October 21-25, 2018 however Keith is also talking with Leon about getting the 911 Board meeting held during the same time and that may require adjustment on dates. TBT.

o   Board meeting schedule -was determined to be the 2nd Thursday of every month for the rest of 2017. Dina will schedule and send out invites.



Meeting adjourned @ 10:24am