CALL TO ORDER @ 9:32 am


Roll Call


Rolf – No, excused    Keith – Yes

Linda – No             Laurie – Yes

Dan – Yes             Mark - Yes

Lesil – No            Michelle - Yes

Sandi – Yes            Amber - No

Dina – Yes            Jeff - Yes

Ira – No              Greg - No




Secretary Report - last meeting minutes sent out and correction to the Jim Martin award was made. Keith motioned to approved, Mark seconded the motion and all present approved.


Treasurer Report – Sandi advised no report they are still waiting to meet up at the bank to add her the accounts. Laurie advised she went to the bank and got the current balance of both checking accounts. One accounts holds $7,279.59 and the other is $32,797.51 not accounting for any outstanding conference bills. They still need to get with Edith for conference close out. Keith advised it is important to know what is in the bank for planning/scheduling the fall conference as the Board is responsible for contracted agreed upon costs. Laurie commented that the planning needed to continue even before getting a final account balance as time is running out. Keith suggested requiring a registration fee for the fall conference to help offset our cost. All agreed.




            Bylaws Committee – Jeff inquired whether the new bylaws had been sent to National and Dina advised no but she would get them emailed out today. Jeff to send her the email from Linda with the email address.


Education – Mark advised Bootcamp and ENP study groups are being worked on again and all is coming along great.




              Laptop – Keith tried to wipe the hard drive however the computer would not maintain power long enough. He asked the Board if he could just remove and destroy the hard drive and provide photo proof. Jeff recommended to not destroy the hard drive because there may be important templates on it that would be difficult to recreate. Keith agreed and advised he would remove the hard drive and send to Jeff to try to retrieve any important information from it first.


              Equipment Purchase – Mark and Keith started researching the desired equipment and had a discussion about the best speaker system to purchase as far as best quality and ease of transportation. Keith asked the Board if all agreed with Mark making the final decision on what is best to purchase to fit our needed and all present agreed. Mark will provide the list to include 2 screens, 2 projectors and 1 speaker system.


              Jim Martin Award – Dan sent a draft nomination form out to all Board members for review. Linda and Ben made comments via email. Keith suggested making it a requirement that the recipient be a NENA member however after Board member discussion it was decided that it would limit our nomination pool and should not be one of the requirements.  All present agreed to implement the form.


TGRA Services – Keith forward the sample report to all Board members for review. Rolf and Keith were both impressed by the report and the information it provided. Laurie likes the report but is concerned about the cost and committing to something without knowing what we have in the bank accounts. Dan also likes the report however is concerned about the price. Dina advised she believes it is a good report and is a good benefit to provide to the general membership. She advised the general membership needs to feel that Florida NENA is more than just a conference planning Board. Keith and Jeff both agreed with Dina’s statement. Dan suggested to see if Tim is willing to negotiate on the pricing. Laurie and Sandi agreed this was a good idea. Keith to get with Tim and provide an update at next meeting.


Joint Conference with Alabama NENA– No update yet. Keith has not heard back from Alabama NENA yet and Michelle Clark is preparing a survey to send to the general membership about out of state travel.




Hilton St. Augustine – Keith advised her received an email from Hilton advising they are building a new hotel on the beach in St. Augustine to open 4th quarter 2017. Keith suggested getting pricing now for fall 2019. All agreed it was a good idea.


2017 Fall Conference – Dates on the proposal were still wrong and Mark emailed Chuck to have it updated again and to ask for a formal contract be drawn up. Jeff asked Mark to send him the dates so that he can update the FL NENA website with the information.  Lesil will handle the food again, Chuck is the onsite Coordinator and Laurie is the Conference Lead Chair.  Laurie advised she will be out of the country until July 11th and available via email only. She will schedule a conference committee conference call for when she returns.


Welcoming Committee – Michelle wants to have a lunch for new attendees (2 conferences or less) during the fall conference. Dina expressed concern about added cost of the conference. Laurie suggested maybe a small affair. It was suggested that maybe the cost could be offset either by vendors or registration fees.


Vendor Management Position – Still need someone to handle organizing vendors for the fall conference. Keith suggested Linda however Laurie advised that Linda may be too busy for take on this task. Dan suggested sending an email to the vendor membership asking for a volunteer. All agreed and Laurie advised she would handle sending out the request.


Tax Exempt – Keith advised we are not current a tax exempt organization but that we could be and would be beneficial to the group. It would help with the conference costs. Keith asked Linda to send him a copy of Nationals tax exempt information for us to review. All agreed with was a good idea. Keith believes we would need a Tax Attorney to complete the application for us.


Next meeting is July 13th @ 9:30 am




Meeting adjourned @ 10: 29 am