CALL TO ORDER @ 8:04 am




President’s Report – Greetings were made by Rolf and Introduction of the current Florida NENA Executive Board. An overview of current open positions and the nominees for them was provided as well as an overview of the election history. Jeff Ballard handed out the election ballots and while waiting for them to be turned in Rolf discussed his time as President of Florida NENA.




Rolf provided state legislative updates involving:


  • Special risk for Telecommunicators with died in committees.

  • Text to 911 also died in committees

  • HB219 “Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement” which died in committee however other similar bills are still alive.




Federal legislative issues:


  •  “Kari’s Law” passed which provides that you don’t have to dial a 9 before dialing 911 from pbx systems.

  • Telecommunicator Reclassification – Died in committee however APCO will try again next year but if they don’t get 911 Personnel support APCO will probably drop the issue. Sue Pettingill also spoke about APCO efforts on this issue.






2ND VP – Greg Holcomb


Secretary – Dina Walker


Treasurer – Sandi Chernoff




Break for Jeff and National NENA’s Ron Bloom certify Bylaw results 8:26 am


Meeting restarted at 8:50 with all Bylaw changes passed. Linda Draughn-Woloski advised that a copy of the new Bylaws needs to be sent to the National Bylaw Committee in order for them to be official.




Introduction of Ron Bloom and he further discussed Kari’s Law and other federal legislative issues.




Rolf advised that his company 9IMS has seen an increase of sales/robo calls into 911 centers recently. He advised to make sure to register the trunk numbers into the “Do not Call” registry and to also check with your carriers to make sure they are making those numbers non dialable. Ron Bloom advised National NENA has not heard of this problem outside of Florida but will check.       




National NENA update – Linda Draughn-Woloski


National NENA Conference 2018 will be back in Nashville. New NENA benefits available, check website. Florida NENA has the 4th largest membership. NENA started the TC Caucus to try to increase membership from Telecommunicators. The TC Caucus started a “Dear Goldie” which is much like “Dear Abby” for 911 Telecommunicators to ask questions they might not want to ask locally. Senator Nelson introduced draft legislation for Next Gen 911 initiative so be watching that. CMCP class is really good and she highly recommends it. There is a redesign of the NENA website. Ron Bloom recognized Linda for her efforts and encouraged everyone to vote in the National NENA elections.




Ira Pyles asked whether the local state chapter should be involved in supporting 911 funding issues. Ron advised yes and also advised to reach out to Trey Fogerty from National.




Linda and Ron both encouraged people to join committees and get involved.  Ira advised that is was difficult to get updates from committees about standards and asked if NENA could provide these updates in a better way. Ron advised he would look into the matter.




Upcoming Events:




National NENA – June 3-8, 2017 in San Antonio, Tx


National APCO – Aug. 13-16, 2017 Denver, Co


FL NENA Fall Conference – St. Pete


APCO/NENA Spring 2018 – Lake Buena Vista




Rolf passed the torch (gavel) to Keith Godwin as the new Florida NENA President.




Laurie Anderson gave result of the membership drive. There were 60 new members during the drive with Orange County having the most for a county.




Rolf and Keith handed out certificates to the Conference Planning Committee.




Edith provided Treasurer report of $41,610.16 currently in the bank before outstanding conference bills. There is $7,800 from APCO that still needs to go into the account.








Meeting adjourned @9:42am