Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, August 16, 2018, 9:30 a.m.


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The meeting was called to order at 9:37 a.m.

Voting members in attendance: Laurene Anderson, Christine Cooper, Silas Daniel, Dan Koenig, Mark Whitby

Non-voting members in attendance: Linda Draughn-Woloski, Keith Godwin, Sue Pettingill, Ira Pyles


1.       Approval of minutes from the July 12, 2018 Executive Board Meeting was tabled until the September meeting.


2.       Status of W9 - Registration – Laurie gave an update.  Sandi submitted the 8822b form to the IRS and followed up with the IRS.  The IRS would not provide any other information other than to allow 30 days for processing.  Laurie said it may be easier for a new EIN.  Sandi’s main concern is that we  need to check with bank to see what it takes to associate a new EIN with the chapter accounts.

a.       W9 SOP


3.       Status of Incorporation – Laurie thanked Silas.  Florida NENA is now an official non-profit business registered with state of Florida.

a.       Yearly responsibility – Renewal is due every year between January and May.  It can be done online and will be a responsibility of the chapter secretary.  Laurie will draft a SOP for board approval.  Now that the chapter is incorporated, Laurie will reach out to the insurance company to see if the chapter can obtain a policy.


4.       Status of 501C3- Keith had no updates, but he is keeping track of it.


5.       Filing taxes – The chapter is a non-profit but we are still required to file taxes.  This process may be facilitated by obtaining a new EIN.  There may be some cost associated with it, but consulting with a CPA for guidance would be beneficial.  Laurie will obtain some cost estimates and bring them back to the board for the September meeting.


6.       Roles and Responsibilities for National Conference (Point of Contact) – Greg will be the point of contact.  Anything from or to National NENA regarding the National Conference will go through Greg, who will be reaching out to people as far as volunteers.  Greg will coordinate with Sue, the local conference chair for any other assistance.


7.       Outlining roles and responsibilities for each member – Laurie said to facilitate the process of getting the chapter more organized and  to make sure things are being done when they need to be, it would be good to have a list of duties/responsibilities for all executive board members including voting members and committee chairs.  Each board member should send list of what they consider their responsibilities and duties for the chapter to Laurie and Silas.  The goal is to make sure when people transition into positions they know exactly what is expected of them and assist in their decision to seek a position.   Keith asked about including these duties in the by-laws, but this would require the membership as a whole to vote on changes.  The SOP format is preferable, gives the chapter more flexibility and the executive board can vote on changes.


8.       Conference planning guide – The guide has been started previously but remains unfinished.  Sue has agreed to meet in Orlando next week with Laurie so they can get together and finish it up, and also wants Priscilla to be a part of it.  The goal is to have it completed so the board can vote on it in September. 


9.       Vote on Audit – this was tabled until the September meeting.  Laurie reminded everyone to look on Team9111. 


10.   Vote on Audit SOP (All Executive Board Members should review prior to the meeting.) – the Audit SOP was tabled until the September call.  Ira had some comments – the SOP seems to be lacking in accountability; information needs to line up – expenditure, receipt, and authorization for expenditure; even items that don’t require board approval, should be mentioned in minutes that the president authorized; the individual keeping receipt should also have a copy of minutes where item was approved or discussed, or an email from the president to the treasurer, attaching the documentation to receipt.  Laurie advised these can be incorporated into the SOPs.  She will make changes to draft and re-upload to Team911, so  everyone can review it in time for the September meeting


11.   Team 911 – There have been a few hiccups, particularly regarding out-of-date email addresses on the chapter membership list.  People are getting signed up though.  Laurie encouraged everyone to use it and its messaging options and to become more familiar with it.  Team911 does not replace the chapter website, but allows for a collection/repository of documents in one place that all of the executive board members can access.  It facilitates document management and avoids a scenario where one person is having to hold on to them all.  Collaboration becomes possible because documents can be shared and discussions of various topics can be managed.  Links to relevant information on Team911 will be present on the chapter website.  Other things like conference registrations will not require group membership.  Items like the legislative report can now be posted on Team911 with a link emailed out, so that a member logs in to Team911 to access it.  There should be perks to being a NENA member, and Team911 can be one of those perks.  The website can have general information, about our organization, and Laurie advised she is open to suggestions on making it simpler, and helping members understand the difference between the two.  Information can be emailed out regardless of whether or not a member has registered for Team911 since all of the member email addresses are uploaded to Team911.  Ira asked if there would be a training session for Team911.  Laurie was amenable to the idea and at this time, the first session will start with the executive board.


12.   Conference Registration – Sue and Priscilla will need to provide more information to Brian with Team911 to enable third-party payment processing.  Registration links should be open shortly after that is completed.


13.   Establish Bylaws Committee – Laurie would like to be part of the committee and inquired as to who else is interested.  Keith volunteered and Ira is willing.  Ira also suggested Jeff.  The committee should meet separately from the executive board.  Ira suggested opening the committee to the membership so we could recruit non-board members.  Laurie agreed.  Someone is needed to head the committee.  Laurie advised she would check with Jeff to see if he is still interested.


14.   Local Hero Recognition (information include in supplemental email) – if anyone has anyone that should be recognized, be sure to use the form and submit it.


15.   Alabama NENA Gulf Coast Conference – Laurie reached out to their president to see if could send two executive board members and waive the registration costs so we could learn how Alabama NENA does their conference, with Florida NENA reciprocating as part of arrangement.  Florida NENA would be responsible for our delegates’ lodging and so forth.  Keith and Sandi would like to attend.  Sandi suggested narrowing it down to two men or two women so it would only require one hotel room.  Sandi suggested advertising our conference there since Sandestin is close to Alabama.  Linda asked if board would approve extending an invitation to Mississippi chapter (they are in a rebuilding phase), for them to participate (no fee waiver).  Keith advised he could pay his own way to the Gulf Coast Conference.  An email survey of the board will be conducted along as the cost for hotel rooms.


16.   Treasurer’s report – Sandi reported there is $41,786.01 in checking and $2,066.80 in the debit account.  Sandi will work on filing a new EIN.  It appears to be a simple change from the old EIN at bank.


17.   Conference Committee Report – Sue advised she would get with Laurie and Priscilla to go over the information draft, and hopefully have registration open tomorrow or Monday at the latest.  Sue has secured the poolside for the new attendee event and also a backup room in the event of inclement weather.  She has requested a floor plan for tables, should have it today or tomorrow.  A few vendors are ready to pay and move forward and Priscilla will get with them once registration is opened.  Sue advised she is catching up on stuff.  Laurie asked about a complete conference schedule.  Sue will be getting with Mark to go over the schedule before posting but can post a draft schedule.  She advised she should have more updates by the September call.


18.   Education Committee Report – Mark reported the ENP study group going well.  The next session covers two topics, and then after that they will have the mock exam.  His focus will move to boot camp and the next study group.  He advised he is getting emails requesting to join the current study group even with this group almost done.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:49 a.m.