Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, July 12, 2018, 9:30 a.m.




The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.


1.       Approval of prior meeting minutes from the June 5, 2018 Executive Board Meeting – motion by Dan Koenig, second by Greg Holcomb, motion carries.


2.       Vote to continue TGRA services for the legislative report – There was discussion regarding extension of the renewal term from 3 months to 6 months.  Dan motioned that Florida NENA renew TGRA’s services for six months.  Greg seconded and the motion carried.  Ira requested that in future reports provided by TGRA that there be a little more detail in report items.  Keith advised he will reach out to Tim and discuss this with him.


3.       Review and acceptance of the annual audit for July – December 2017.  Laurie presented the audit summary for review via join.me and Team911 website.  This item was tabled until the August meeting.


4.       Approval and feedback on Audit SOP – This item was tabled until the August meeting.


5.       Status update on new laptop and printer – Dan Koenig – Best Buy seems to have best price on laptop, then $229 for office *check recording* - need motion to allow up to $825 for laptop, Office and printer.  GH motion, SR 2nd, motion carries

6.       Newsletter Suggestions: Jeff will get with Victoria on deadline for when she is publishing next newsletter.  Normally published quarterly, but have not being doing so in the past.  Starting in July, next in October, January, April and so forth.

·       Feature one NENA member in each edition of the newsletter, KG suggested one from each region.  Ira asked about criteria.  Dan suggested letting each region decide.  Have article on one, but mention others with notable accomplishments.

·       Article Ideas:

o   Overcoming the struggles of a new 911 Coordinator

o   Mentoring

o   Succession planning

o   Basic project planning

7.       Newsletter authors – Each committee should be submitting an article.  If committee chair is unable to do so, they should feel free to delegate to another committee member.

8.       Passing of Sue Pettingill’s husband – Laurie suggested sending a card from the chapter.  Ira suggested leaving it at the discretion of the president or VP so board approval isn’t needed every time there is an incident.  Laurie wants to make sure we are consistent and don’t forget anyone.  Greg motioned that in the event of the death of member or immediate family member – send flower arrangement up to $100.  Strike motion.  Laurie already has the authority for up to $100.  Sandi suggested board members send home address to Silas to maintain confidentially.





9.       APCO/NENA Conference Audit – Date and time are still TBD.  Laurie reached out to Tom with APCO.  APCO is waiting for last minute payments.  Hoping to hear from him soon.

10.    Treasurer Report – checking $41,785.51, debit $3,418.37.  Submitted second quarter quarterly report to Laurie who will post it on Team911. 

11.    Committee Reports:

a.       Conference: Sue Pettingill was not present.

b.       Database: Ira Pyles – nothing to report.

c.       Education: Mark Whitby, was not present, but emailed a summary:

o   ENP Study Group – welcome session was on 07/10 – total of 77 individuals signed up*

o   Boot camp – preparation is in the works for the Fall Conference.

d.       Fall Conference: 3 of 4 user groups are filled.  Round table discussions (3) and post-conference course are being worked on.  For the latter, a four hour session is being considered versus a full day session.

e.       Public Education: Amber Siena – will be doing demo on Text-to-911 at next CEFA meeting.  The PubEd workshop at fall conference being worked on.  There is a PubEd page in group on Team911 where she has posted some pamphlets and info to test it out

f.         Media: Jeff Ballard – needs latest list for other three regions (not CEFA, just got that one)

g.        Commercial Advisor: Rolf Preuss – nothing to report, no updates on the endorsing companies issue

12.    Incorporation documents – Lynn Gundlach replied to Laurie, Keith and Silas with some corrections.  Silas will follow up with Lynn for clarification.  Packet will be mailed tomorrow, then we wait on confirmation of our status.


13.    Insurance – company trying to package everything together (general liability (events – injuries, etc.) + board insurance (directors and officers)).  We don’t have to have both, but looking at options and costs.  Do not have to be 501c3 to get it, but it is good.  Underwriters write it differently based on for-profit vs non-profit.  Even application will be helpful for the process.


14.    National 2019 – Florida hosting – Greg wants to have Jeff and Carolyn as co-chairs.  Chris Nussman wants to come to next chapter conference to share information.  We won’t have as much to do, but co-chairs will be coordination point.  Will need to coordinate volunteers – 5-6 areas state chapter asked to take care of, national takes care of rest.



The meeting was adjourned at 10:44 a.m.